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It's the We Talk Games - Video Power Magazine Audio Show!

The We Talk Games Podcast Arcade Weekly is a half hour, hard cut, stacked arcade game review show! Each week Kyle VonKubik, Wiggly of Trap Door, and John E Capcom will review one hot arcade game that you need to play, maybe!

You can also listen to our previous stacked "Break Out Bonus Levels" and Marathon 2+ hour long shows featuring the entire WTG Crew, Kyle, John E Capcom, Eric Alex, Twopiearr, Jasonia, Kirby, Jade, TT Schmootkins, Stinky Game Master, and Wiggly Talk Games.

Special guests include John Sellers, Ralph Baer, Nolan Busnell, Tommy Tallarico, Steve Ritchie, George Gomez, Walter Day, Billy Mitchell, Steve Wiebe, Tomm Hulett, Noah Falstein, Dave Grossman, Larry Ahern, Jon Gibson, Alex Neuse, Team Meat, Jason Rohrer, Trip Hawkins and more.

Plus, the We Talk Games International Panel of Video Game Millionaires tackles the hard panel questions.

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Alex Neuse
Ben Heckendorn
Billy Mitchell
Craig Skistimas
Dave Akers
Dave Grossman
Fothergill Brothers
George Gomez
Grant Henry
Greg Maletic 1
Greg Maletic 2
Henk Rogers
Jason Rohrer
John Sellers
Jon Gibson
Kellee Santiago
Noah Falstein
Nolan Bushnell
Ralph Baer
Roger Sharpe
Steve Ritchie
Steve Wiebe
Team Meat
Tommy Tallarico
Tomm Hulett
Trip Hawkins
Walter Day 1
Walter Day 2
Yukiharu SAMBE

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